Projects of the Eargroup


The eargroup is a private Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic specialized in Otology and Audiology (hearing tests) in children and adults.

Since many years the members of the eargroup have contributed to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, such as middle ear transplantation surgery, cochlear implant surgery, skull base surgery, mechanical measurements of the middle ear, different tests of auditory performance, etc .
We offer clinical consultations, extensive audiological evaluations and surgical ENT interventions.  In addition, all staff members are acitvely involved in scientific research. Consultations can be booked through the secretariat at 03-314 13 00 (international number +32-33 14 13 00).
The patients of the eargroup come from Flanders and beyond (see bottom chart). Only 5% comes from Antwerp-Deurne and almost 40% come from outside the province of Antwerp. We welcome patients of all ages (see bottom chart). Thanks to the particular expertise in the clincial investigation of children, a third of our population is younger than 10 years of age. To date, we are followingsome 1,000 cochlear implant recipients.
The eargroup is highly computerized and paperless thanks to Otoconsult's high-performance software that was customized to our operational and managerial needs.  This includes the medical record, the cochlear implant file and the extensive audiological records. The eargroup staff has founded the undergraduate training program of Bachelor in Audiology at the Antwerp Thomas Moore University. Prof. Govaerts is president of the Belgian Society of Audiology.
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A§E - Otocube - Audiqueen - Accolado - FOX

De oorgroep is actief betrokken bij de R&D van Otoconsult. Het gaat om onderzoek en ontwikkeling van medische software en hardware. Zo werkt de oorgroep actief mee aan de wereldwijde kwaliteitsverbetering van de klinische otologie en audiologie.

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Cochleaire Implantatie

De oorgroep is internationaal leidinggevend in cochleaire implantatie, cochleaire en andere oorimplantaten. Selectie, implantatie, afregeling van het 'cochleair implantaat', research en ontwikkeling. Maak gerust een afspraak voor al uw vragen.

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