Nominated for the Rabobank Herman Wijffels Innovation Price for Health Care 2013.


Otocube is a revolution in testing CI-patients. It is a high-tech and portable desktop box which replaces a fully equipped audiological room. It outperforms a clinical booth in acoustical insulation and contains all electronics, high-end amplifier and loudspeaker to deliver well calibrated sound between 10 and 120 dB HL to the CI processor in the box. Close the box and take a long headpiece cable to transfer the sound from the processor to the patient's ear. The box easily connects "plug and play" to your laptop or PC. Thanks to our custom-made audiological software A§E Diamond, you readily perform audiometry, speech audiometry in any language, loudness scaling, spectral discrimination, temporal fine structure tests, etc. Otocube is available on CI Shop. Specifications of Otocube can be found in the Otoconsult brochure.  Otocube has been developed in the European 7th Framework Opti-Fox project.




A§E - Otocube - Audiqueen - Accolado - FOX

De oorgroep is actief betrokken bij de R&D van Otoconsult. Het gaat om onderzoek en ontwikkeling van medische software en hardware. Zo werkt de oorgroep actief mee aan de wereldwijde kwaliteitsverbetering van de klinische otologie en audiologie.

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Cochleaire Implantatie

De oorgroep is internationaal leidinggevend in cochleaire implantatie, cochleaire en andere oorimplantaten. Selectie, implantatie, afregeling van het 'cochleair implantaat', research en ontwikkeling. Maak gerust een afspraak voor al uw vragen.

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